League Rules

We will be playing with WCAC rules. WIth the following exceptions.

  • There will be two 16 minute halves

  • No double bonus (1 and 1 after 7 team fouls)


There is no closely guarded 5 second call while player is dribbling.
Shot-Clock is 30 seconds
Teams get 5 time-outs (Three full, Two 30 seconds)
Four Minute over-time
One extra time-out per over-time

Legit stats will serve as the official book.
Players must have signed waiver.
Once waiver is signed players are added to Capitol Hoops Summer League website.
Once in summer league website, they are added to official book (Legit Stats).
Players must have uniform # that matches official scorebook
Technical foul can be assessed for infraction (same as HS, WCAC, etc)

For scheduling purposes, the league is divided into 4 regions; North, East, South, and West. Each region has 8 teams seeded 1 through 8.  Teams will play every team in their respective regions and will play the 3 corresponding seeds in the other regions.

Top 16 overall teams qualify for playoffs regardless of region.


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